[Metaverse]How we made 2515$ with a SIMPLE Python Script

If you were born before 2000 BC you were probably witnessed the rapid change of technology. Mobile phones, internet, personal computers, smart phones… Every 10 years is whole different than before.

With advent of the internet the world has changed permanently. Humankind started to digitalize the world. I will talk about the interesting opportunity which i earned some money in this article.

When Web3(decentralized web) came out, users have more control over their data and information and enables the creation of decentralized applications and services.

This is where the idea of the metaverse, a decentralized virtual environment where users can interact, socialize, and conduct business with one another, is introduced.

The Metaverse Universe

“Metaverse”, you may heard it. It is brand new concept in our lives. Some people search some opportunities in it, some are not interested and some have no idea what it is.

Metaverse basically is a digital world accessible through the internet. Sounds like a video game right? Yes you are correct. Video games are immersive digital worlds which connects people across the world.

There are endless possibilities you can do in this virtual worlds. You can meet with your colleagues, you can conquer a castle or you can build your farm house with foreign people.

This immersive worlds certainly attaract attention of entrepreneurs and new business ideas are brought to life.

One of newest business model is Play-to-Earn(P2E). With this business model you earn some money while playing the game.

The earned currency is not dollar or other national currencies. The game owners pays with you with their own crypto currencies and you buy in game items with this crypto currencies.

The interesting part which is different from classical games, you can easily sell your in game assets and get some crypto currency related to selling price, then you swap this crypto currencies for dollars!

For instance, we sell our sword in the game for 500 pcs. of “X” crypto currency. If we dont swap our 500 pcs. of crypto currency to dollars your money increase or decrease with the crypto currency market. Today you get 300$ for 500 pcs. of “X” crypto currency and maybe tomorrow you get 325$ or 265$. So your earnings are related to many parameters.

In Q4 2021, my friend heard about Play2Earn games and he learned about a game which you can earn money with few clicks and waiting for like 2.5 minutes. Our virtual horse is racing with the other player’s horses and if our horse finish in first three we earn some crypto currency.

At first, i did not believe the system. How can they give away that free money? There must be no way the game owner makes profit of this business plan. (I reveal the actual plan behind this free money later.)

Anyways, even if i do not believe i started to click some buttons, choose the horse, start the race and wait for 2.5 minutes. It sounds easy right? It is not. You have usually %15-%35 win rate and if your horse loses, you get no money and wasted your 2.5 minutes. In the long run, this is a bit tiring and infuriating. And you must wait 2 weeks to withdraw your money.

After 2 days i am about to stop playing the game but suddenly i found a tricky way to automating this process.

I wrote a single python script. Yes thats it!

The script clicks the correct places in my screen and plays the game automatically. So i dont have to wait in front of the computer. I wrote the script and tested it in one hour. It worked!

After 2 weeks, i withdraw my crypto currencies from the game and luckily in two weeks most of the crypto currencies inlucing this one are increased significantly and my money is even scaled up. I could not believe! I make more money than my daily wage with a simple python script.

With sparks in my eyes, now i have two choice. I was playing completely free at that moment.

  1. Invest my earnings and some additional money from my wallet to the game, buy some horses, breed them and fully commit to gain even more money. (This choice charms you, Earn 4–5 times more money than the free to play version.) Remember what i said about free money? Their business plan was exactly this. They give you some free money and charms you to invest even more money from your pocket.
  2. Continue with free to play version. (Earn less money with no risk)

In the past, i have lost so much money because my greediness so i chose continuing with free to play version. My friend luckily got some paid in game items from his friend and this continued about 1 week. In the third week i was not able to play the game anymore because people swarmed the game to earn some money. I withdraw the remaining in game crypto currencies and swap all of them with dollars.

I ended up with gaining 515$. My friend continued to play with his paid content about 3 more weeks. And he earned around 2.000$.

Suddenly, the crypto currency value of the game is dropped drastically. Now, your in game items and earnings cost funny amounts. Game owners probably took action and sold their own crypto currencies(they had more crypto currency than the whole player community) from the highest value.

Now, all the players panic and joined to selling spree.

Game economy was collapsed in hours and players who are caught off guard was literally robbed by the game owners.

Luckily, not being greedy saved us this time and me and my friend put the 2500$ in our pockets.

Most of the time this tactic will save you.

If the opportunity of earning “easy money” is spreaded and known by more and more people, you should quit the train to avoid losing your earnings.

You may still earn more money while the word is spreaded across the people but you should always remember the risk is climbing higher in every moment.

Before i end up my story, here is my simple python script which earned 2500$ for us.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Sat Dec 4 13:08:58 2021

@author: vndlz

import pyautogui
import keyboard
import time

def racer():

def horseRent():
#click to horse
#click to first rent
#click to second rent

while i<10:
if keyboard.is_pressed('1'):
i = 1;
while i == 1:
if keyboard.is_pressed('3'):
if keyboard.is_pressed('2'):
print("horse renting")
if keyboard.is_pressed('3'):
print("idle mode")
if keyboard.is_pressed('4'):

Right now, the people are scared from the crypto currencies and because of this situation Play2Earn games are not in their prime time. If the crypto currencies gain some trust in the future, i am sure that this type of business models are flourish again and many opportunities will be ahead of us.

Just know that -> If you see an opportunity you should jump the train but dont forget to quit in time!

See you next time,



I write about technology, computer science and engineering

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